Friday, March 14, 2014

Don't Just Take My Word For It/ Cell Searches

DON'T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT (CELL SEARCHES), by Muslim Mansa Lutalo lyapo

September 1, 2013

Sometimes when we hear things that we are ignorant of we tend to reject it solely because it came from a prisorer. So, this section I've coined, "Don't Just Take My Word For It," which will be preserved for topics that have a paper trail. The subject that I want to break ground with is an issue that affects all DOC prisoners: Cell searches.

The primary Department of Corrections rule that governs all searches of cells is "DOC 306.16 Search of inmate living quarters," which states:

(1)  Staff may conduct a search of the living quarters of any inmate at any time. Entry into the living quarters of an inmate by a staff member to retrieve state property does not constitute a search of the living quarters of an inmate.

(2)  The institution shall maintain a written record of all searches conducted under sub, (1), which shall include:

(a)  The identity of the staff member who conducted the search;

(b)  The date and time of the search;

(C) The identity of the inmate whose living quarters were searched;

(d)  The reason for conducting the search. If the search was a random one, the report shall so state;

(e)  Any objects which were seized pursuant to the search; and

(f)  Whether any damage was done to the premises during the search. (3)4f staff seize any property or damage any property pursuant to the search of an inmate's living quarters, staff shall identify the property to the inmate in writing. The institution shall reimburse the inmate for damage to any property that is not contraband. The institution shall value any property which is damaged at its fair market value, not replacement cost.

(4)  In conducting searches under this section, staff shall disturb the effects of the inmate as little as possible, consistent with thoroughness.

(5)  Staff shall read only that part of the inmate's legal material as necessary to determine that the item is legal material and does not contain contraband.