Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Latest Parole Hearing Fiasco

Lutalo's latest photo 7 17

 After much expectation and  hope, another "overcooked" parole eligible prisoner is denied parole for no good reasons. Lutalo. (Rufus West), is a litigator and helper of any who come to him. Like many other litigator and advocates guilty of money crimes,he never gets out of Maximums. Here is his parole commission report: The supposed infraction for which he got the conduct report was because he led his religious group when asked by members to substitute for missing leader. Some crime- the wrong person was notified. And this guy may not even be released when his MR comes.

We are preparing a campaign that highlights the contradictions here and makes clear that the DOC neither rehabilitates prisoners nor make society safer. FFUP works with a lot of youngsters who are shoved willy-nilly out of prison after having no treatment of training and with no support on the outside, These are the  "Truth in sentencing" prisoners and there are no resources to help these youngsters because of the overcrowding of the system caused by holding 2500plus older, ready -for -parole- prisoners  like Lutalo. In the coming days we will make this clearer and will be linking Lutalo's and other parole blogs to information on just how corrupt the DOC really is-

now for the parole document, first , in jpeg and  Below that, scanned to word:

WEST, RUFUS P. 225213 Green Bay Correctional Institution 31003
[3301] TIS No 980 No

Parole Review

If you are recommended for a parole grant release, the time frame within which you shall be released, as established by the Chairperson of the Parole Commission, shall be reflected in the grant order.

1 You have developed an adequate plan. but will need Agents verification.
2. Your institutional conduct has NOT been satisfactory.
3. Your program participation has NOT been satisfactory.
4. Release at this time would involve an unreasonable risk to the public.
5. You have NOT served sufficient time for punishment.

This is your 2nd incarceration and at they age of 45, you've served approximately 22 years and 11 months of a 28 year sentence structure CS to your forfeited time. You served time for PTAC OVWOC and paroled in May 1993. The PTAC OVWOC entailed you using part of a scissors to start a vehicle and stealing it. You were in an accident with the car. In August 1994, while on parole, you concealed your identity and held a gun to a female's neck while demanding her purse. After she met your demands you told her to turn around and run. Today you denied robbing the female. You forfeited 1 year 9 months for the PTAC OVWOC and the new sentence of 28 years for Armed
Robbery is CS to the forfeiture time. In addition you were sentenced to 6 years CC for FIPOF. You have a prior hx of Theft from Person and OVWOC.

Your poor adjustment so soon after release from prison and while on parole is concerning. More time should be served to address the seriousness of your actions. Your institution adjustment is not acceptable. In January 2017 you received a minor and a major CR. The major CR resulted from you indicating you were given permission to lead the religious service group which had not occurred. You received 120 days DS for Disobeying Orders and Lying. Prior to that your last CR occurred in 2015. You haven't been able to achieve reduced custody as a result of your difficulty adhering to rules and boundaries.

Today you indicated you deserve parole because of your growth and mentoring of others. You believe the DOC/Parole Commission focuses on your deficits and fails to recognize your attributes. As explained today, your conduct, both positive and negative, is weighed into a decision. You develop the materials in your file through your actions. You must demonstrate a consistent pattern of positive adjustment and cooperation to overcome your setbacks.

You're subject to PMR and running the risk of being held beyond MR if you don't meet the expectations of a PMR review. You're expected to complete all identified programming and transition successfully to minimum community custody with work release in order to mitigate your risk to the reasonable level required for a discretionary release. To your credit you've completed AODA and education. There are unmet tx needs of Anger Management and CGIP. You were enrolled in AM, however you were terminated due to lack of effort in 2014.

You propose living in Broadhead, WI with a friend which eventually requires agent approval. A release from maximum custody, without programming completed and without having prepared for a return to the community by demonstrating successful adjustment in minimum community custody with work release, would pose an unreasonable risk.

According to WICS, there are outstanding financial obligations of $309.50. The Parole Commission expects satisfaction of your financial obligations as it further speaks to your attitude toward the crime. To your credit you've saved $600+ which should aid your return to the community.
**The length of this deferment requires Chairperson approval.
Commissioner D.LaCost