Monday, May 7, 2018


T.R.U.S.T. (TO RELY UPON SOMEBODY TOTALLY) by Rufus West a/k/a Muslim Mansa Lutalo lyapo April 3, 2018
       When a child is conceived, the baby is unable to provide for itself. When the child is born it has to rely on somebody else for its provisions. This total vulnerability is the closest analogy that I could draw upon to articulate the sense of helplessness that a person suffering from a mental illness feels when in need of psychological help... especially in the penitentiary.
        The person who is suffering from psychological trauma is unable to self-help him or herself out of the "Danger Zone" of terror that is invisible to the naked eye. Consequently, some ultimately commit suicide, self-mutilate, become violent, or suffer in silence. I ruminate on the total reliability that one in that situation is forced       to have on the professional who is trained to treat such terrors.
        The reality is that because humans are fallible by nature there will be times when that total trust is betrayed intentionally or unintentionally. The result is the survivor suffering from an exacerbated psychological scar that causes indescribable damage to the person.
        Those who are set on keeping people who suffer from psychological illnesses in prison need to provide the necessary number of clinical staff to balance out the disproportionate ratio between the two. There's no valid excuse for a person's pleas for psychological help to be unnecessarily delayed because that person is being forced to rely upon somebody totally.  -
-              -----        Salaam
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