Tuesday, June 23, 2009


by Mansa Lutalo lyapo -aka- Rufus West

If you ever need to find me - know that I'm right by your side,
if I'm not then that's a sign that you are not on the front lines.

Time after time we jeopardize what's real for the sake of other's emotions, which is why the state of Black folks in this country is in no motion.

I progress nonetheless overcoming evil subliminal messages, now
that I'm conscious I boat down attempts of deception using knowledge as though it's effortless.

You say I shouldn’t say what I say and thus must cease and desist,
in showing people how racism in this country still exists.

All I'm doing is telling them what you already know, that you and your kind will benefit as a consequence of our failure to grow.

My spirit is a descendant of Nat Turner - Malcolm X, and all the people you deem your enemies - so I guess that means I'm next.

-Because I’m a threat in your eyes because I can see through your disguise, I'm always first to fall in line whenever wherever it's time to rise.

-To the occasion with no hesitation like the next Black Messiah, I'm ready to die for what I believe in - so you should know I'm not
for hire.

Uncle Toms wired for sound to get me on tape so they can take me down, extraordinary rendition to Guantanamo Bay by the CIA because of the words I say?

But hey - come Judgment Day best believe that I'll be judged, not
by you- him or her but by the one and only Judge.

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