Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Re: 'New Prison Policy
DAI (Division of Adult Institutions) Policy #:302.00.09. New Effective Date: 02/16/10. Chapter: 302 Assessment and Evaluation, Security Classification and Sentence Computation. Subject: Certain Early Releases (CET>).
Policy. The Department of Corrections may release to extended supervision (ES) certain persons serving the confinement section of a bifurcated.
Procedure. Eligibility. The inmate is serving the confinement portion of a bifurcated sentence for a misdemeanor or a class F to I felony that is not a violent offense as defined in § 301 .048 (2) (bra) 1 . An inmate who has an active detainer is eligible for CER consideration without meeting the criteria under this paragraph when the detainer is for a sentence imposed in another jurisdiction and the remainder of that sentence is equal to or longer than the remainder of the Wisconsin sentence. B. The prison social worker or DOC agent of record has reason to believe that the inmate will be able to maintain himself/ herself while not confined/on extended supervision without engaging in assaultive activity. C. The release to extended supervision date is not more than 12 months before the inmate's extended supervision eligibility date.
The above excerpts are just a small portion of its 10-pages. Thus, if you believe that you fit the eligibility requirements contact your social worker. For a full copy of the policy contact your prison's library.
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