Wednesday, November 7, 2012


by Muslim Mansa Lutalo lyapo a/k/a Rufus West Since Day One I've been a spiritual being having a human experience, not a human being having a spiritual experience. I believe that God's creation of me included His Spiritual Essence that allows me to deal with life in this temporal world from a spiritual perspective. My spirit is what tells me to hike a 2-mile trail that has three hills to get to the bridge instead of taking a much easier canoe ride. Afterwards I realize that the hike allowed me to take in the aura of my spiritual connection to the innumerable species around me. My breath is labored but as a result thereof I'm aware of my breathing and grateful for it. My spiritual awareness allows me to deal with people on a spiritual level without them knowing it. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be able to deal with others on that level if I wasn't in tune with my spiritual self. For a long time I was ignorant to my spiritual self. Its discovery was akin to someone who never knew he could speak until his 30s and then when he did he realized that he could speak that whole time! My spiritual awareness allows me to hear the joy and pain in people's voice when they're expressing themselves, and also see the same in their eyes. My spiritual awareness allows me to accept the fact that the price for physical life is physical death, and thus for me to endeavor to live my life as though I could die any second. This awareness will also eventually let me know when I'm not in tune with my spiritual self. My spiritual awareness has gotten me into trouble because I often intervene when I see an unjust being done,which galvanizes my spirit to enjoin the right and forbid the wrong. It has also kept me out of trouble by steering me clear of people, places and things that are premised upon trouble-making. My spiritual awareness allows me to connect with the spirit of various movements of the past, which substantiates what people have been telling me since my early teens: "You have a very old soul." My spiritual awareness prevents me from celebrating your birthday but not from celebrating the Creator of your birth for your birth. My spiritual awareness allows me to be grateful for every moment that I'm allowed to live to endeavor to better myself and the world around me. It makes me live my life as though I'm spiritually connected to everything around me and that I possess the magic of Choice to entertain or repudiate them. My spiritual awareness allows me to be selfless by sharing people with others whose only intentions are to misuse the spiritual goodness that they share. My spiritual awareness allows me to accept the fact that while my spirit is perfect, my human makeup is a perfect work in progress from conception to Resurrection - from the basket to the casket. I thank God for my Spiritual Awareness. 10-22-12 MUSLIM MANSA LUTALO IYAPO a/k/a Rufus West, #225213 P.O. Box 900 (CCI) Portage, WI 53901