Wednesday, January 9, 2013

All Money Ain't Good Money

ALL MONEY AIN'T GOOD MONEY by.Muslim Mansa Lutalo lyapo -aka- Rufus West 12-29-12 On many occasions I've seen a person on television instances where a person had found some money and returned it to its owner. The finder would say the reason why the money was returned was basically because it was the right thing to do. My thoughts were usually along the lines that something like that would never happen to me. Well, today it did. While eating lunch I received several mail pieces that I set aside until I returned to my cell. Upon reviewing my mail I noticed a small white unsealed, unpostmarked envelope that was labeled from a woman whose name and address I didn't know. (I've decided not to reveal the woman's personal information out of respect for her.) The contents of this envelope contained a check for $105.86, which drew my attention because prisoners who have checks sent to them are supposed to be removed by prison staff who will deposit the check into the prisoner's account and the prisoner will receive a receipt from prison staff informing him that a check for a certain amount was sent from a certain person. On a couple occasions they have missed checks sent to me whereafter I had simply given it to prison staff to process properly. This time, however, the check said pay to "Dish." Now, I may not know much, about checks, but I do know that my name has to be after the "Pay To" section. My confusion was furthered by not knowing who "Dish" was. I looked inside the envelope and discovered a bill from "Dish." The "Dish" logo let me know that it was one of those places (new to me) that provide certain television service's. The Dish address is "Dept, 0063, Palatine, TL 60055-0063." I then looked on the envelope and saw that it had the same Dish name and: address, but somehow instead of being mailed to Dish (which is on the envelope), it was sent to me, and I'm the only one who knows about it. ... or so it appears. All money ain't good money. As a Muslim, ,1 believe in the "Shame/Guilt" concept. "Shame" is what I feel when others' see that I'm not behaving like a Muslim, while "Guilt" is what I feel when even though no one else sees me, I know God does. Consequently, I am returning this woman's mail (envelope and all) back to her and let her take it from there. I have no regrets for my decision because I believe it truly is the right thing to do. Salaam! Muslim Mansa Lutalo lyapo -aka- Rufus West *225213, P.O.Box 900 (CCI), Portage, WI 53901 http: